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Kettlebell Training – Active for Life!

Kettlebell Training – Active for Life!


By Rachelle Little, Certified Athletic Therapist

When I started kettlebell training two years ago, I thought, “Great, I’m excited to learn another way to move my body.” What I didn’t know was that it was going to make me better at doing all the things I was already doing!

Kettlebell training can seem a bit intimidating at first. When you see people using kettlebells in gyms and on social media it can look complicated and intense. But it doesn’t have to be. Kettlebell training can be used for training for sport performance but also for training for life. It can be a beneficial tool for people of all ages, abilities and goals.

Rachelle holding two competition-style kettlebells in the front-rack position.

What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a ball-shaped weight with a handle. This shape makes it extremely functional and versatile. The weight varies from as low as 5lbs up over 100lbs. Because of their versatility, once you become somewhat proficient, you will only need one or two bells for an effective workout. This is a major bonus when you have limited access to gyms and equipment or limited time to get a good workout in at home.

How I got started

I started off slowly, mastering the basics and building up my baseline strength. The right start was important because it gave me confidence in my ability and increased my body’s capacity and tolerance to new positions and movements. Once a solid foundation was built, I tackled some more dynamic moves, building power and agility. I enjoy using kettlebells to do both slow, strength strength based movements as well as “flows” which really get your heart rate up and build endurance, moving swiftly from one movement into the next. 

Why Kettlebell Training?

Rachelle demonstrating a kettlebell deadlift in The Athlete Centre’s studio space.

As I became more proficient with kettlebells, I noticed changes in other activities. Something as small as carrying 6 full grocery bags in from the car in one trip was super satisfying. Hiking became easier, I can now go further, faster without needing as frequent, or as long of breaks. Getting up from the floor became easier. My incidences of low back pain were fewer and further between, and when they did happen I recovered from them in a fraction of the time it took before I started regular kettlebell training. The lightbulb came on for me one weekend when I helped a friend move landscaping rock for 5 hours and I barely took a break. I wasn’t even sore the next day. Kettlebell training has so made many things in my life easier. 

So if your goals are similar to mine; to be healthy and physically able to live the active life you want to live, then kettlebell training is for you.

Interested in Kettlebell Training?

The Athlete Centre now offers a variation on our Performance Plus sessions to learning and developing kettlebell skills to improve strength, endurance, stability and mobility. Click the link below to learn more.