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Benjamin Stebbins

Dr. Benjamin Stebbins (He/Him/His)

Ben Stebbins has earned his Doctor of Chiropractic and Master’s of Science degree in Sports Medicine, with the ambition of helping people get out, and stay out of pain. He hopes to make his patients stronger and more resilient so they can get back to the activities they love.

He is not your traditional Chiropractor, he is one of those “New Age Chiropractors” that his clinical resident group was so appreciatively deemed by one of their happy patients. He respects the history and roots of the profession but truly believes that Movement is Medicine, and that no patient is the same. So, they should not all receive the same cookie-cutter approach to treatment. He uses the skills he has mastered in school, combined with extensive seminars and continuing education in rehabilitation, movement mastery and sports performance to individualize each patient’s path to improved health.

Ben has been involved in the sporting world his entire life, focusing on lacrosse for the majority of his career. After his sports career ended and strength and fitness became his new full-time sport, he wanted to be able to help other athletes, weekend warriors and anyone else who wanted to avoid or recover from injury. His formed obsession with strength, health, and human performance became his new career path.

While working with the Canadian Forces his skills and enthusiasm for the profession grew, and he developed a greater appreciation for the necessity of quality rehabilitation and functional assessment for both tactical athletes and support members alike. It is here he learned how to separate his philosophy from others, he was able to look to long-term goals and encourage the development of habits that set them up to perform and be active in life.

Born and raised in Victoria, he has come home to provide his services to anyone looking to not only get out of pain but also to increase their ability to do the activities they love. Whether it is recovering from an injury or preparing for the upcoming season, it’s Ben’s goal to combine his extensive education and clinical background to maximize the goals of everyone he serves.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say about Dr. Ben

Dr. Ben is fantastic, he helped my low back pain right away and made sure I understood what was going on and what I could do at home to keep our momentum moving forward. I would highly recommend him for any injury or pain!


I saw Dr. Ben for lower back pain and was super nervous about seeing a chiropractor for the first time. Ben immediately made me feel comfortable and put me at ease by being attentive, asking lots of questions, and being very thorough with his assessment. He offered alternatives to “cracking” and manipulation and after just one week of following his treatment plan I noticed a drastic improvement. After just one month I was nearly pain free!!


I would highly recommend Dr. Ben Stebbins, he is very easy to speak with and really takes time to address your issues, no just jumping into the adjustment and rushing you out in 5 min, He is the new face of Chiropractic care!


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