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I am not an athlete but I was referred to The Athlete Centre. Should I still make an appointment?

We sure think so! We’re redefining ‘athlete’ and believe that anyone who loves to move can be considered an athlete.

The whole idea behind The Athlete Centre is that we utilize the knowledge and skills gained from years of working with some of the most active people on the planet, and apply the same principles of training and recovery to you. It doesn’t matter that you’re not looking to run 100 meters in under 10 seconds. What matters is that you use your body to do a whole lot of things during the day, and you need it to work its best. Why should professional and Olympic athletes get all the best treatment? Don’t you deserve it too?

I have recently been injured/have an acute injury. Can The Athlete Centre help me?

Yes! At The Athlete Centre we are well trained in dealing with acute injuries. All of our professionals have worked with or currently work with sports teams from youth to elite level, and are experts in guiding people through the various stages of return to activity. We use a sports medicine model to return non-athletes to work, play, and hobbies on a regular basis as well. We are your team!

I have a long term/chronic injury. Can The Athlete Centre help me?

Yes! The majority of therapy clients we see at our facility are working through injuries or pain that has either come on gradually or has appeared with no seemingly related incident. We allow sufficient one-on-one time for incredibly thorough assessments and follow-up appointments so that we are able to identify the cause of your pain and then work with you to develop a treatment plan and exercise plan to address that cause.

I am looking to improve my performance to get to the next level of my sport/activity. Can The Athlete Centre help me?

Yes! All of the professionals at The Athlete Centre are trained to prescribe exercises and create exercise programs to help you achieve your fitness or sports specific goals. We are all passionate about sport and movement in general. We love working with people who wish to improve performance, and we are experts in identifying what systems and movements to train to get you there. Plus, you get a therapist’s eye watching you, so the potential to move optimally and work around limitations is enhanced.

Does my extended health plan cover my treatment?

Most insurance companies recognize our professional services and offer coverage for them at some level. Your level of coverage will depend on your specific plan, so you will have to check the details of your plan.

A note on Athletic Therapy:
Athletic therapy is not always mentioned in the extended benefits literature that you receive from your employer/insurance company, so it is best to contact your businesses Health Plan or Human Resources person to ask if you have coverage for Athletic Therapy. If you discover your plan does not include Athletic Therapy you may have a Flex Health Spending account or something similar that you can use to help cover your Athletic Therapy sessions.

If you are interested in adding Athletic Therapy to your plan, it may be as simple as a phone call to your insurance broker to add the service in combination with another such as Physiotherapy or Registered Massage Therapy.

If you are involved in an organized sport or activity there are a number of organizations that cover Athletic Therapy that you may already be registered with. For example, look to see if you are a member of All Sport – or C.A.I.P. (Canadian Athlete Insurance Program) –

Do you direct bill to my extended health plan?

Yes, at this time we are able to direct-bill for Registered Massage Therapy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy appointments. We are working to add additional capacity in this area, and hope to be able to add more providers in the future. Please see below the insurance companies we have the ability to direct bill. 

I was recently in a car accident and am working with ICBC. Can I use The Athlete Centre as my clinic of choice?

Yes. We work with many ICBC clients and are able to directly bill ICBC for your Massage, Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy treatments. We will need to know your claim number, your adjuster’s name and contact information, the date of your accident and your birthdate in order to begin the process.

We have specific ICBC treatments that do not have any user fees associated with them. That said, if you wish to utilize our regular length services, you are more than welcome, however, ICBC will not cover any additional user fees.

What do I need to know about my first visit?

All new patients will receive several online forms to fill out in advance of your first visit to The Athlete Centre. This will allow you to fill out your health history, contact information, and any relevant billing information in the comfort of your own home. Provided you have completed these, you need only show up to the clinic a few minutes prior to your appointment.

What do I wear to an appointment?

For therapy appointments, loose comfortable clothing is best so that we can access the location of the injury. You will often be asked to disrobe to your comfort level so that the therapist can access local tissue. For fitness sessions, please wear comfortable athletic clothing and non-marking athletic shoes.

Where do I park?

We are located in the Apex Building, which has free parking in a lot directly in front of our building. Additionally, there is on-street parking if the lot is full. Some of our customers time their appointments around a visit to Uptown mall, which is a 5 minute walk up the street, and leave their vehicle there during their appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Like most clinics, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you know you can’t make an appointment, let us know as soon as you do and we’ll remove you from the schedule so we can put someone else in that spot.

What if I miss my appointment?

No-shows, or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, are subject to a cancellation fee.

What if I’m going to be late for my appointment?

If you know you’re going to be unavoidably late, do your best to let us know, and then arrive as soon as you can. We would prefer you not to miss your session, so come anyway. In order to stay on time with other patients, this may mean that your session will be shortened.

We do direct billing:

For Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Registered Massage Therapy with:

BPA – Benefit Plan Administrators
Canada Life/Great West Life
Canadian Construction Workers Union
Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance
Desjardins Insurance
Empire Life
First Canadian
GMS Carrier 49
GMS Carrier 50
Green Shield Canada
Industrial Alliance
Johnson Inc.
Johnson Group Inc.
LiUNA Local 183
LiUNA Local 506
Manulife Financial
Maximum Benefit
Medavie Blue Cross
Pacific Blue Cross
Sun Life Financial
TELUS AdjudiCare

For Athletic Therapy Services with: