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Performance Plus

Bridge the gap between rehab and performance with Performance Plus, a unique service built around your individual goals.

Performance Plus is similar to personal training, but as Strength Coaches and Athletic Therapists, we bring the knowledge and expertise of injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance into your sessions.

As Athletic Therapists, we are able to perform a detailed and individualized assessment to identify your strengths, and limitations to help you reach your goals. We emphasize your strengths, address your limitations and build your capacity through a combination of strength and mobility training as well as manual therapy to help you reach your optimal movement and performance potential.

Whether you are looking to improve your general fitness or are training for a specific sport or event we will help you get there!


If you’re not sure what service is best for you, start with a 30 minute exploratory session where we will meet, discuss your goals, your needs, and any movement or injury concerns you may have. This session will allow us to recommend the best service or package for you.

In-Person Performance Plus Sessions

Do you love the accountability of in-person personal fitness sessions? Are you most motivated when working out with a coach? We love seeing you in-person too and have two different packages for in-person Performance Plus sessions for you to choose from.

Looking For A Program?

Have you worked with us for a while and want a program to continue the progress you are making?  Are you experienced in strength and conditioning and want a program to help you achieve your goals?  Or are you looking for a comprehensive individualized program to begin your personal fitness journey?  If yes, then we’ve got you covered!

After a detailed movement assessment and goal setting session we can create a program tailored to your specific needs.  Depending on your readiness (training experience and movement mastery) and the length of your program, you and your therapist will determine the number of in-person sessions required for you to safely and effectively perform your program on your own.