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Video Library

Start Here

Videos to help you start your journey to better health and optimal performance.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Learn why diaphramatic breathing is optimal for performance and how to do it.

Pain vs Soreness

Learn what the difference between pain and soreness is and when you should seek help. 

What Causes Injury?

Understand the factors that lead to injury, and what you can do to mitigate risk of injury.

Power to Summit Videos

The Athlete Centre is a proud partner of Power to Summit 2024 in support of Power to Be. Below are some videos to support the teams as they set to hike the elevation of K2. 

Hiking Warm-up

RMT Josh takes you through a dynamic warm-up to prep your muscles and joints for hiking. 

Hiking Recovery

Physio Marian takes you through a mobility routine to support recovery after hiking

Mobility Series

Want to improve your hiking long-term? Check out this video series by ATs Michelle and Sarah

Prep and Prime

DNS Add-On Warm-Up

One of our favourite ways to warm up!
This add-on style flow uses compound movements that build on one another to optimize your muscles and joints while gradually increasing heart rate and body temperature. 

Daily CARS Routine

Perform this full-body joint mobility routine using Controlled Articular Rotations (CARS) to preserve joint health, increase mobility and improve muscle engagement.

DNS Core Flow

This core flow will help you engage your entire core in a way that supports optimal positioning to improve performance. 


Active recovery is important for our mind, body and soul. 

Yoga Foundations

Julia guides you through foundational positions to start your yoga journey. Learn how to properly load your joints and engage your muscles to support your body through your yoga practice. 

Functional Mobility

Learn the difference between flexibility and mobility and how to achieve and strengthen new range of motion that you can access in your training to optimize performance and mitigate injury risk.

Restorative Yoga

Take some time to breath and reconnect with your body in this restorative yoga class. You’ll move through some gentle movements as well as some supported poses. 

Instructional Videos

Kettlebell Swing

Learn how to perform the kettlebell swing – a dynamic full-body exercise that builds strength and power. 

Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-Up is a great full-body exercise that helps build strength and mobility in various positions. 

Hip Hinge

The hip hinge is a foundational movement and important for posterior chain dominant movements such as deadlifts and running.

Free Workouts

High quality workouts that you can do from home!


Follow along this quick and simple bodyweight-only workout you can do from anywhere!


Practice your kettlebell skills with this beginner workout focusing on the hike and the kettlebell swing.


Develop core strength and coordination with this 45-minute core class using principles from DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization).