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Nutritional Therapy

A Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) follows a holistic approach to health and wellness. They look at the whole, not just isolated parts to determine underlying causes of more recognizable symptoms. Because of this, they are able to get to the root of the issue for long-term sustainable wellness success.

FNTP’s believe in a nutrient-dense whole food diet, and respect and appreciate the vast knowledge of traditional diets from around the world. FNTP’s make special considerations for bio-individuality, cultural heritage, and family history, and understand that there is no one-size- fits-all when it comes to achieving wellness goals. FNTP’s are specifically trained to assess the body for dysfunction so that they can get a better sense of their individual client’s needs. Similarly, FNTPs are educated in effective supplementation protocols for dietary assistance on the path to health.

Prior to your initial nutritional therapy consultation, you will be invited to participate in a comprehensive intake process consisting of an intake form, an online nutritional questionnaire, and 3-5 day food journal, which will allow your FNTP to take a deeper look into your past history, present considerations, and future goals. You will then spend your first session going through this information together, and will have ample time and space to ask questions in an open and non- judgmental environment. You will leave your first session with a greater understanding of your body, your symptoms, and what foods to include and avoid to help you in achieving your movement and wellness goals. Following your session, you will also receive a detailed nutritional recommendations document that will act as a guideline and blueprint for your nutrition strategy, meal guidelines, follow-up sessions, and any additional nutritional therapy services you sign up for.

A vital part of achieving your athletic performance and wellness goals


– Focused and goal-oriented
– Food journal and symptom-based questionnaire
– Bio-individual analysis
– Plan of Action


– Meal guidelines and nutritional strategy
– Macro and micronutrient guidance
– Grocery shopping and ingredient swaps
– Guided Follow-through


– Re-assessment and ongoing recommendations
– Additional tools and resources

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