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Category: Fitness and Training

Exercise During Pregnancy Part 2: What about avid exercisers and elite athletes?

Exercise During Pregnancy Part 2: What about avid exercisers and elite athletes? In the middle of October the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) and The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) released new exercise guidelines for pregnant women. The document demonstrates a significant change in how the experts in pre-natal health view…
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Exercise during pregnancy – get moving baby!

There are so many changes that occur during pregnancy to a woman’s body that are physiological, and emotional. Basically, every system in the body changes. If you have been following a regular exercise program prior to your pregnancy, you should be able to maintain that program to some degree throughout your pregnancy. The most important…
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DNS Core Workout 1

DNS Core Flow


Kettlebell Training – Active for Life!

By Rachelle Little, Certified Athletic Therapist When I started kettlebell training two years ago, I thought, “Great, I’m excited to learn another way to move my body.” What I didn’t know was that it was going to make me better at doing all the things I was already doing! Kettlebell training can seem a bit…
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Avoid Overtraining During Quarantine: Rachelle Little CAT(C)

This is a little anecdotal story from Rachelle Little, one of our amazing Athletic Therapists.  This post has some great take-home messages for avoiding injury when faced with changing type and volume of exercise suddenly.  A very relevant topic right now as many folks are taking advantage of all the excellent home workouts currently being…
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Yoga Foundations

Welcome to our Foundations Yoga Class, where Athletic Therapist and Yoga Instructor Julia Cole guides you through foundational positions to support you on your yoga journey. This class is tailored to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals recovering from injury, those keen on preventing injuries through mindful movement or for beginners who are starting…
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