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Introducing Josh Toohill, Registered Massage Therapist!

Introducing Josh Toohill, Registered Massage Therapist!

We asked Josh, our new, amazing RMT some questions so that you can get to know him better.  Read on to see why he chose massage therapy as a profession, what he loves to do when he’s not in the clinic, a few ‘little known secrets’, and learn why he makes us smile everyday!

What is your WHY?

My WHY is helping individuals return to what they truly love to do! Whether it’s a sport, getting around town or your career, let’s work together to make it easier and more enjoyable for you! I have always had a passion for helping people. I myself have been hurt, injured or just feeling stiff and it is no fun! If exercise and therapy can help you through your day to day, then let’s get to it!

What led you to become an RMT? 

After I finished my Bachelor of Human Kinetics, I had a vast knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, but no hands-on way to apply it. Enter massage therapy. I love the hands on, direct affect that massage therapy allows. When combined with my passion for movement and exercise, then you end up with a great treatment approach that I find so interesting and fuels me to learn more everyday!

What areas or sports do you specialize in?

My area of expertise falls within the realm of cycling. Having ridden and raced bikes for a number of years, it has become my go-to activity! My love for the sport has allowed me to work and ride with some of the best cyclists around. As team therapist for the Norco Factory Team, I am constantly challenged with cycling mishaps, injuries and posture.

What’s your favourite book or podcast and why would you recommend it?

I am a bit of a history buff, although never get my facts straight. So Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is always on hand.

Tell us 5 things most people may be surprised to learn about you!

– I grew up in southern England, you would never know until certain words come out (but I won’t tell you which)

– During university I fractured my pelvis before reading break. My roommates left me for the week to fend for myself. Fracture and all!

– I can fix bikes as well as I can fix bodies

– It will probably be buried under a mask, but I have quite the Cheshire cat grin

– At home we have a blood donor cat named Diego. #saverofkittens

What’s your quarantine hobby?

It was more of a DIY crash course. My partner Kaylyn has a family cottage in Ontario. We spent our quarantine there. Outhouse, no heating, no luxuries. A good place to be! Plumbing, electrical and mechanical hobbies were all on the agenda! The biggest challenge was surviving the mosquito hordes though…

We know you will love Josh’s personality and you will be so thankful for his treatment style and philosophy.  Book with Josh now here!