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Category: Community

Hiking Dynamic Warm-Up

Prepare to conquer the trails with our hiking warm-up video, designed to optimize your performance, decrease injury risk and enhance your hiking experience. This dynamic warm-up routine with Josh Toohill will get your body primed and ready for adventure. In addition to a dynamic warm-up, here are some other factors to consider incorporating as you…
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Keep Moving through the MOVE430 Challenge

We have officially reached the half-way point of the KidSport Move430 Challenge. After 15 days of daily activity, you might be feeling sore, tired, or encountered an injury depending on your activity level prior to the challenge. The practitioners at The Athlete Centre are here to help and support you through the next 15 days. Below are a few ideas that…
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KidSport MOVE430

MOVE430 Daily Workouts We are thrilled to be sharing these workouts with you in support of KidSport MOVE 430. Join our team or donate hereWe’d love to see you moving – tag us on Instagram @athletecentre and use hashtag #TACTeamMOVES Disclaimer: Consult with your physician or qualified health professional before starting any exercise program. By…
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2023 TAC Playback

2023 was one for the books for the TAC Team – it feels like it’s the first time in years that we were able to get out in the community and see your beautiful faces!As the year comes to a close, we’d like to celebrate some of our highlights:  Same, Same, but BetterCommunity and connection…
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Give the Gift of Sport – Treatments by Donation in Support of KidSport Victoria

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to participate in sport. All of us at TAC have experienced lifelong benefits from being involved in sport at a young age – which has helped shape us into the practitioners we are today! Unfortunately the reality is that cost keeps 1 of 3 Canadian kids out of sport. …
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Introducing Josh Toohill, Registered Massage Therapist!

We asked Josh, our new, amazing RMT some questions so that you can get to know him better.  Read on to see why he chose massage therapy as a profession, what he loves to do when he’s not in the clinic, a few ‘little known secrets’, and learn why he makes us smile everyday! What…
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