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Tag: movement

DNS Core Flow

Full Body Joint Mobility Routine

Certified Athletic Therapist Sarah Black leads a full-body joint mobility routine using Controlled Articular Rotations (CARS). CARS are part of the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) system with the purpose of taking each joint through its full range of motion to preserve joint health, increase mobility and improve muscle engagement.

5-min Flow Warm-Up

Pain vs Soreness

Introducing Josh Toohill, Registered Massage Therapist!

We asked Josh, our new, amazing RMT some questions so that you can get to know him better.  Read on to see why he chose massage therapy as a profession, what he loves to do when he’s not in the clinic, a few ‘little known secrets’, and learn why he makes us smile everyday! What…
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Pain and Posture When Working From Home

So you’re stuck working from home?  You don’t have your lumbar support chair or your angled keyboard and you’re worried that you will have “poor posture” working from your dining room table instead of your desk. Research is showing us that there is no perfect posture and we cannot expect every individual to function optimally…
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Rachelle is an athletic therapist wearing black pants and a navy blue shirt with the Athlete Centre logo on it - which is 3 chevrons in white. She is half kneeling with a blue kettlebell extended over her head. Rachelle is in the Athlete Centre studio space with various pieces of equipment behind her.

Half-Kneeling Windmill