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Keep Moving through the MOVE430 Challenge

Keep Moving through the MOVE430 Challenge

We have officially reached the half-way point of the KidSport Move430 Challenge. After 15 days of daily activity, you might be feeling sore, tired, or encountered an injury depending on your activity level prior to the challenge. The practitioners at The Athlete Centre are here to help and support you through the next 15 days. Below are a few ideas that can help you with recovery, deal with minor aches and pains, or address injury head on. 

1. Warm up and Cool down

Including a warm-up and cool down as part of your exercise routine can help prevent injury or soreness before it even begins. A dynamic warm up involves gentle movement targeted at the muscles you will be using, it also helps raise your heart and breathing rate, and tissue temperature. Holding long static stretches before activity is generally not advisable as it can be compared to trying to stretch cold plasticine, whereas if you warm up the plasticine before trying to stretch it will be much more pliable (your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are the plasticine in this scenario). However, static stretching can be a great addition to your cool down once the muscles and tissues are nice and warm and more receptive to static stretching. This is an optimal time to target those chronically ‘tight’-feeling muscles. 

The Athlete Centre website has some great warm-up resources: 

2. Proper Training and Technique

One of the most effective ways to prevent injuries is through proper training and technique. Whether you’re engaging in team sports, weightlifting, or endurance events, it’s essential to learn the correct form and movement patterns to reduce strain on your muscles and joints. Working with a qualified coach or therapistcan help ensure that you’re using proper technique and safely progressing through the challenge. A check in with an Athletic Therapist can be a great place to start. 

3. Listen to Your Body

One of the most important aspects of injury prevention is ‘listening’ to your body and recognizing warning signs of overexertion or potential injury. If you experience pain, discomfort, or unusual fatigue during exercise, it’s essential to take a step back and allow your body to rest and recover. Pushing through pain can lead to more severe injuries and setbacks in the long run. This could be a good time to use the purchased “day off” offered in the KidSport Move 430 Challenge. You get a day off, and a great cause gets some much-needed support. 

4. Recovery

Having a recovery plan is the best way to look after your body and ensure it’s able to keep up with the Challenge. This includes getting an adequate amount of sleep, staying hydrated, eating a nutritious diet, and managing stress levels. A healthy lifestyle supports overall physical resilience and reduces the likelihood of injuries caused by fatigue, dehydration, or poor nutrition.Massage with an RMT is also a great way to help your body recover after a tough workout. 

5. Assessment

If you’re still at a loss after reading the above it might be time to talk to a professional. One of the therapists at The Athlete Centre will be happy to sit down and discuss your specific situation and needs. We are experts in injury prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation and can work with you in-person, or remotely!

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