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Author: Michelle Meckling

Exercise during pregnancy – get moving baby!

There are so many changes that occur during pregnancy to a woman’s body that are physiological, and emotional. Basically, every system in the body changes. If you have been following a regular exercise program prior to your pregnancy, you should be able to maintain that program to some degree throughout your pregnancy. The most important…
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DNS Core Workout 1

Dowel Hip Hinge

Turkish Get-Up

Kettlebell Swing

5-min Flow Warm-Up

Diaphramatic Breathing

Cupping therapy

What is the buzz around these round circle bruises everyone has after cupping?  What is cupping and why has it become so popular? It has gained a lot of publicity from A-list Hollywood actors and actresses using it and Olympic swimmers debuting their cupping bruises at the London 2012 Olympics. Let’s take a look at…
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Temporomandibular joint disorder

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) seems to be an area that is often overlooked.  Most of us deal with the odd clicking in our jaw, which by itself is not an issue, until it is! The most common cause of acute (sudden) pain in the jaw is often due to trauma to the jaw.  However, another…
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