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Category: Injury Prevention and Rehab

Peak Recharge: The Hiker’s Ultimate Recovery

Injuries happen. If you got injured or have some aches and pains not improving by the above recovery strategies, we’d love to help. Book a FREE discovery call to see how we can support your recovery and get you back to what you love! The Athlete Centre is a proud partner of Power to Summit…
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Using Inline Dynamometry in Clinical Practice

In this video, our amazing physiotherapist Leo Falzon talks about using Inline Dynamometry in clinical practice. You can expect to: Interested in learning more on how Inline Dynamometry can help you or your clients? Book a complimentary consultation with Leo here Learn more about The Athlete Centre approach to Physiotherapy here

A man with arthritis is holding onto his knee while running outside.

Is It Safe to Exercise with Osteoarthritis?

Is It Safe to Exercise with Osteoarthritis? A Physiotherapist’s Perspective Throughout my career as a physiotherapist, some of the most remarkable client transformations I have had the privilege to witness have been in people with osteoarthritis (OA).  Why? Well, many folks with OA enter the clinic burdened by severe pain, declining mobility, and worst of…
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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Prevention

By Stephen Woollard, Certified Athletic Therapist You have likely heard of an athlete sustaining an ACL injury in the news. Maybe an athlete sustained one and the report is that they are out for the season, or maybe even a career ending injury. But what is the ACL, how do they get injured, and what…
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Shoulder Stretches for Swimmers

If you’re a swimmer or triathlete, you’re probably familiar with shoulder pain. With thousands of shoulder rotations in a single training session, it’s no surprise your shoulders can take a beating. Unfortunately, shoulder issues have a habit of getting worse over time if we don’t address them proactively. With that in mind, let’s look at…
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Debunking the ‘Bone-On-Bone’ Myth: Why Your X-Ray Doesn’t Define Your Destiny

by Leo Falzon, MScPT For many people with osteoarthritis (OA), the notion that exercise is not only safe but actually beneficial is a surprising and counterintuitive message. After all, people with OA are often told their pain is caused by their joints being worn down to the point of “bone-on-bone.” How could exercise be safe…
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5-min Flow Warm-Up

Pain vs Soreness

Get Rid of your Plantar Fascia Pain

In this video with Athletic Therapist Sarah Black, you will learn:-basic foot anatomy-causes of plantar fascia pain-how to treat/prevent plantar fascia pain

Temporomandibular joint disorder

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) seems to be an area that is often overlooked.  Most of us deal with the odd clicking in our jaw, which by itself is not an issue, until it is! The most common cause of acute (sudden) pain in the jaw is often due to trauma to the jaw.  However, another…
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