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Yoga Medicine

Private yoga medicine sessions with our Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Athletic Therapist Julia! These sessions are truly a representation of east meeting west. Choose from Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga or a more therapeutic style to help restore and relax. 

Every session has hands-on soft tissue or joint mobilization techniques to help achieve ranges of motion or levels of stability that you can not achieve on your own. Yoga Medicine can help you achieve many wonderful benefits, such as:


Improve mental focus
Help you progress through poses
Enhance your body awareness
Build confidence in movement


Hands-on soft tissue techniques
Improve mobility and stability
Build strength and endurance
Improve function and capacity


Keep you present and grounded
Improve mindfulness
Connect to your breath
Decrease stress

Yoga can be an incredible movement practice to help you improve your performance, regardless of your sport or activity of choice. 

If you’ve been dealing with an injury, these one-on-one individualized sessions are a perfect compliment to your rehabilitation plan to help you get back to the activities you love!

Breathe. Move. Restore.

Renew your focus. Renew your strength. Renew your life.

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