Welcoming our new Physio, Leo Falzon, to the TAC Team!

Team Training

*We are currently not offering this service due to COVID-19 restrictions*

Team training is a cost-effective way to get expert services to every athlete on your team.

We travel to your facility to provide on-site team training services. Whether you want Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) training, sport-specific performance training, or an ACL injury prevention program – we are here to provide our expertise. We’ll bring all of the necessary equipment to make your session as effective as possible.

The Athlete Centre strives to provide a high quality experience for all of our athletes. As such, we recommend that the maximum ratio of Athlete Centre professionals to athletes is 1:10 to ensure that each athlete receives regular instruction and feedback.

Please connect with us here if you are interested in taking your team to the next level!