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Day 26: Every 30 seconds Workout

Day 26: Every 30 seconds Workout

Athletic Therapist Michelle guides you through an every 30 second workout: 4 sets of exercise pairs, 30 seconds of each exercise, alternated between the two 5 times. Rest between the sets for 2

Equipment Needed: load you can hold in each hand (weights, water bottles, jugs, small bags), a line on the floor, a step to do step-ups (but modifications are given if that is not available)

Remember to enter your activity on the daily tracker and tag @move430challenge #MOVE430 and @athletecentre on Instagram!

Disclaimer: Consult with your physician or qualified health professional before starting any exercise program. By participating, you accept the risks and take responsibility for your own health. Modify exercises as needed and stop if you experience any discomfort.