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Half-Kneeling Windmill

Half-Kneeling Windmill

Rachelle is an athletic therapist wearing black pants and a navy blue shirt with the Athlete Centre logo on it - which is 3 chevrons in white. She is half kneeling with a blue kettlebell extended over her head. Rachelle is in the Athlete Centre studio space with various pieces of equipment behind her.
In this video, Athletic Therapist Michelle Meckling demonstrates the half-kneeling windmill.

The half-kneeling windmill is a dynamic exercise that targets the core, shoulders, and hips. By challenging stability and mobility simultaneously, this movement is a game-changer for anyone seeking to improve functional strength and flexibility.

???? Key Benefits:
Core Activation: Engage your entire core as you rotate and reach, promoting strength and stability.
Shoulder Mobility: Enhance flexibility in the shoulders, reducing the risk of injury and improving overall upper body function.
Hip Mobility: The half-kneeling position allows for a deep stretch in the hip flexors, promoting improved range of motion.

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