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Category: Therapy

What’s with “Cracking” Backs? Understanding the Popping Noise you Hear at the Chiropractor

Dr. Benjamin Stebbins, Chiropractor You’re nervously walking into your first visit to a chiropractic office with stories from your friend who referred you to the doctor who “cracks your bones” ominously swirling around in your head. “Yeah, the ones in your back, your neck and even in your arms and legs”, but “don’t worry” they…
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Fire the ”Laser” to Better Health: The Benefits of Class IV Laser

When you hear the word laser you might think of a laser pointer, a barcode scanner, or laser eye surgery. My mind tends to think of James Bond villains and sharks with laser beams attached to their heads a la Dr. Evil and Austin Powers. And while these are all good examples, I want to…
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Musicians: The Unsung Athlete

In the realm of athleticism, the image that typically comes to mind involves sweat-drenched uniforms, the pounding of feet on tracks, or the adrenaline-fueled clash of competitors on a field. Yet, there exists another breed of athlete, one whose arena is a concert hall, their equipment a musical instrument, and whose performance requires an intricate harmony of physical and mental…
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10 Reasons Why Your Athletic Therapist is Better Than a Massage Gun

Written by Stephen Woollard, CAT(C) I’ve been working at a lot of sport events lately: BC 55+ games, hockey, rowing, softball etc. And I have noticed many athletes walking around with a massage gun. These nifty devices started showing up a few years ago and have become quite popular, especially since the price seems to be coming down now. Whenever I talk to an…
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Cupping therapy

What is the buzz around these round circle bruises everyone has after cupping?  What is cupping and why has it become so popular? It has gained a lot of publicity from A-list Hollywood actors and actresses using it and Olympic swimmers debuting their cupping bruises at the London 2012 Olympics. Let’s take a look at…
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